Pre Stretched Film

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Pre stretched film is an ideal example of stretched film with great physical energy. It means it needs less energy to apply. It is easier to apply and manage. It offers better tightness for the packing. Further more it offers consistent stretching throughout the film. So, it is believed more reliable packing than other packing standards.

The film is already stretched, so at the time of application it is simply applied with least efforts. It is stretched up to its breaking point. Hand application offers similar load capacity as the machine applications. so it is more economical and popular for hand applications. if we talk about the material used, then pre-stretched film requires less material than other kinds of films. So one can cuts down the production cost and hence overall cost.

One clearer benefit of the prestretched film is its uniform performance. It contains safe edges for long time and do not show damaged edges even on dropping off.

pre stretched film manufacturer
pre stretched film supplier
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  • Less material require
  • Excellent retention
  • Good load stability
  • Perform good at low temperature
  • Ideal for odd shaped objects
  • Clear visibility due to clear appearance
pre stretched film manufacturer
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