VCI Stretch Film

VCI Stretch Film - Stretch Cling Films

It is vapor corrosion inhibitor film. It is made with automated machines. It is specifically used to hold various ferrous and non-metal parts and steel coils at its place safely. Our VCI stretch film offer dual action of contact. It provides ideal support for corrosion resistant.

Our VCI stretch film is used to protect the parts with oil free manner. It offers clean, oil free and corrosion free appearance of such part, applied with VCI stretch film. It also remains the part residue free and prepared for next operation in its production cycle. It can be recycled. It is favorably used to enhance hygiene of working place. It offers double sided corrosion resistance. It offers specific packaging and helps to handle material properly.

vci stretch film manufacturer
  • Cleaning is not require
  • Available with different range of length and thickness
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove
  • Simple and easy corrosion protection
  • Avoid contamination
  • Prevent dirt and dust
vci stretch film manufacturer
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